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LEED Construction

Leed Construction projects by Brantley Construction Company

Baruch Institute

Baruch Institute – Classroom/Office/Lab

Georgetown, SC

Contract Amount:


Description of Work:

This project consisted of approximately 10,600 sq ft of construction of a new 2-story building, including associated sitework and accessory structures. Also included was the selective renovation of the existing office and lab building of approximately 6,800 sq ft and construction of associated plumbing and mechanical enclosures. Complete renovation of Clemson University’s Baruch Institute research laboratory.

Laboratory: Approximately 4300sf facility installed new mechanical, electrical, plumbing, natural gas, oxygen, 350 sq ft acid resistant research surface area/cabinets, safety related equipment, two fully enclosed fume hoods with acid resistant ductwork. Research/laboratory area received 100% outside air with exhaust balanced for negative pressure. Sensitive research conducted at facility requires mechanical system to maintain tight tolerance on temperature and humidity variation.

This building was constructed and documented using the USGBC LEED rating system. This project was reviewed by the USGBC and has achieved LEED Gold certification. Some of the LEED principles incorporated include: Regional materials, recycled materials, optimum energy efficiency, and maximum open space, storm water management with the use of bioswales, heat island effect, light pollution reduction, water use reduction, commissioning, construction waste management, indoor air quality, low emitting materials, and daylighting.