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Distribution Center Construction

Distribution Center Construction should be tailored to the specific needs and preferences
of the investor. At Brantley Construction Company, that is our aim. Whether conventional
masonry, steel, tilt-up construction, or pre-engineered metal structures, we have the skill and
experience to provide all the necessary and desired amenities for a complete warehouse and
shipment facility.

Short and long-term storage systems, allowances for high traffic volumes with
loading and unloading access, optional cold storage space, and office space are just some of the
provisions we are able to accommodate.

Brantley Construction Company is proud to be a licensed dealer for STAR Pre-Engineered Metal
Buildings. It is this relationship which allows us to offer, as one of our resources, a low cost
structure decidedly appropriate for medium to large warehouses and distribution centers.
The very nature of these buildings makes them ideally suited for construction schedules that
are time-constrained without sacrificing vast design possibilities… and all at a modest cost.

Our expertise in the area of Distribution Center Construction, coupled with our business
relationship with STAR Building Systems, makes this type of construction able to be completed,
for most projects, in only a matter of months.

Whether the investor chooses design-build, or bid-build construction, Brantley Construction
sets out to consider all issues that will affect the success of the your Distribution Center.

Careful regard of location, design, loading and unloading traffic access, conveyor systems,
storage, and much more, are all reasons to choose a seasoned company, such as Brantley
Construction Company, to provide sound advice and reliable insight for your Distribution Center

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