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LEED Construction

Sustainable construction has become one of the top priorities here at Brantley Construction. Low impact on the environment becomes primary when undertaking projects for new buildings, or existing building improvements.

If you are in the market for a green construction company, look no further because Brantley Construction can provide sustainable solutions for your next project. We have a LEED accredited professional who can assist you in obtaining USGBC LEED certification for your building.

Waste reduction, lower amounts of harmful gas emissions, conservation of both water and energy, and decreased costs of operation are key to us, while simultaneously providing you with a quality project in a timely fashion. We derive great satisfaction in providing sustainable solutions for your next project.

As our world has evolved, the need for a change in attitude has become evident concerning the role we play in our environment. Our accountability in this role is what drives us in our commitment to provide sustainable construction.

Since our society is becoming more aware of changes that are necessary, it isn’t a stretch to imagine that a future mandate for LEED construction may be possible in all types of building projects.

With this in mind, many have come to take a pro-active approach by beginning new construction with LEED certification in mind and by making green improvements to existing structures that will not only enhance a sustainable environment, but save the investor money in efficiency and reduction of energy

Brantley Construction Corporation is pleased to offer our clients the opportunity to invest in sustainable living, conservation, and waste reduction by means of LEED certification. We look forward to working with you.

LEED Construction

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