We recognize that as long as any potential exists for one person to suffer an injury, we must, on a day-in and day-out basis, stress safety and implement safe working. Brantley, as well as, all their subcontractors, suppliers and vendors shall be responsible for adhering to our safety program as well as to any applicable, State, Local or Federal rules and regulations and OSHA standards.

Brantley has an on-going training program to provide all safety managers up to date information on all OSHA requirements. All safety managers have completed a 10-hour OSHA course; most have completed or are in the process of completing the 30 hour OSHA course. It is the Safety Manager’s role to conduct all safety orientation for every individual prior to working on the jobsite, complete a pre-task planning for each definable feature of work, conduct tool box talks, schedules safety training sessions, conduct multiple daily site safety inspections and take appropriate actions to enforce Brantley Construction’s safety policies.

Monthly, the safety team, including the Safety Director and all Safety Managers, meet on a different construction site and together inspect the jobsite. The group rotates through all project sites so that multiple inspections are conducted, which ensure consistency in the company safety program. This team approach provides guidance to work out these issues occurring on multiple sites and thus eliminating unsafe practices.

As a result of these actions, Brantley Construction employees have not had a time lost accident since February 2008. It is our goal to provide a safe work place for everyone.